The Pfall Chili Pfest Cook-off Competition is open to families, friends, businesses – anyone who wants to enter! There are two parts of the competition: the Judged Competition and the People’s Choice. Read more below to find out about each competition and its rules. All participating teams must enter at least one category in the Judged Competition and participate in the People’s Choice.

2018 Chili Cook-off Winners

Experimental Chili
1st Pfrymire’s Chili
2nd Topless BBQ
3rd The Growler Bar

White Chili
1st Luv it bbq
2nd Pfrymire’s Chili
3rd Topless BBQ

Vegetarian Chili
1st Yin and Yang Chili
2nd Smoke in Your Eyes BBQ
3rd Topless BBQ

Texas Chili
1st Pfreedom Pfighters Pferocious Chili
2nd Chili Chili Bang Bang
3rd Luv it bbq

People’s Choice
1st Pfrymire’s Chili
2nd Pflugerville Realty & Brotherton’s Black Iron BBQ
3rd The Growler Bar

  • 2018 People's Choice Winner & Experimental Chili Winner

    2018 People's Choice Winner & Experimental Chili Winner

  • 2018 Texas Chili Winner

    2018 Texas Chili Winner

  • 2018 White Chili Winner

    2018 White Chili Winner

  • 2018 Vegetarian Chili Winner

    2018 Vegetarian Chili Winner

Judged Competition

Teams are required to submit one pint of chili (container is provided) by noon to the judging headquarters for this competition.

Chili submitted for judging must be cooked onsite – The pint of chili you submit to the judges must be cooked from scratch on site the day of the cook-off. Preparation must follow the City of Pflugerville’s food handling guidelines.

There are four categories for competition. Teams can enter chili in up to two categories. Please indicate which categories you intend to enter on the Cook Team application.

What are the different categories?

  1. Texas Chili – Defined by the International Chili Society as any kind of meat or combination of meats, cooked with red chili peppers, various spices and other ingredients. Texas Chili is not allowed to have any fillers (pasta and beans).
  2. White Chili – Chicken, pork or turkey chili (may have white beans).
  3. Experimental Chili – Experiment with meats, fillers, veggies or gourmet items, anything goes!
  4. Vegetarian Chili – No meat, chicken or fish in this chili.

People's Choice

Cooks are asked to prepare an additional fifteen (15) gallons of chili to serve to the public. The public can buy tasting cups, spoons and voting tickets from the Pflugerville Downtown Association’s booths and vote for their favorite chili. The top three teams will be awarded People’s Choice awards.

Chili for tasting/People’s Choice may be cooked ahead of time – The fifteen (15) gallons of chili served to the public may be cooked offsite and reheated. This chili may be different from your competition chili. No electricity (onsite or generators) is allowed.

Rules & Reminders

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